Darryl W. McDonald

The New Testament honors pastors as one of God's highest callings. On July 4, 1999, Darryl W. McDonald was chosen as a pastor of the First Baptist Church Bartlett. He has been approved by God to be given the privilege and responsibility of teaching and preaching the gospel. Pastor McDonald is God's gift to his people and he's worthy of recognition for his willing and faithful service. Pastor McDonald has committed himself to a change ministry. He has worked diligently in the various ministries of the church. He has non-traditional style of teaching that allows him to reach beyond the surface of the word. He has a passion for preaching and teaching on a personal level. He's not a man that's afraid to speak the truth of the gospel. He has a way of being transparent and allowing others to look into his life, and see how God has worked many miracles and brought deliverance to him.

He's quick to lend a helping hand to anyone. He has made himself available to serve. More than anything, he's demonstrated his Christianity in work, not just words that reflect his godly character of a servant. Pastor McDonald has had the privilege of attending Crichton College while studying the Old & New Testament. He has had the opportunity to organize a prison ministry at The Federal Correctional Intuition in Millington.

He was chosen the Director of the Fresh Start Ministry where he worked with teen agers in the Hollywood Community, and the Memphis City School System. He has been a faithful student and a supporter of the National Baptist Congress for the last fifteen years. He has received numerous awards, but the awards that stood out the most are the awards that were received from Congressman Steve Cohen in the city of Memphis.